Women: Who has been imprisoned, is not an individual, but people's will

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  • 15:52 7 June 2020
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NEWS CENTER - The women of HDP, TJA and HDK protested the imprisonment of HDP MP's as they declared, "Who has been imprisoned, is not an individual, but people's will".

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Mersin Women's Assemblies, Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK) and Free Women Movement (TJA-Tevgera Jinên Azad) protested the imprisonment of HDP's Leyla Güven and Musa Farisoğulları. The press statement they wanted to read in their party building was blocked by the police. As the women insisted on reading their statement, they were able to read it in the entrance of their party building, opening the pancart "We will resist your coup against our will", women chanted, "Jin, jiyan, azadî” ("Woman, life, freedom") and "Shoulder by shoulder against fascism". 
Describing the imprisonment of their elected MP's as a "fascistic approach" HDP Mersin Provincial Co-Chair Gülbahar Şöfer said, "We don't accept this fascist approach. Fascism is not only a problem for HDP, it is the problem of everybody. Either we defeat it all, or we are defeated by it all. People's demand is to see their elected MP's in the parliament, not in prisons. Who has been imprisoned, is not an individual, but people's will. We will not give up on our struggle against the coup in the parliament. Our history is full of Leyla's. Leyla means resistance. Leyla is the will of the woman".
TJA and HDP Women's Assemblies protested the imprisonment of Leyla Güven and Musa Farisoğulları also in Iğdır. The women opened a pancart in Kurdish during the press statement they made afront party building, read as "Me serî netewand em ê netewînin ew ê derbeker biçin, em ê biserkevin berxwedan jiyan ê” ("We have never surrendered, we will never surrender, we will win the resistance for life").
"Non of their fascist governments could make Leyla Güven or us the women take a step back.  AKP-MHP fascist government and their attacks will not stop Leyla's struggle. We declare it one more time that Leyla is our will and we will not stay silent against the attacks targetin our will", said TJA activist Özlem Tozuk, noting that Leyla Güven is an inspiration for the global women's resistance.