HDP Women's Assemblies will struggle on the ground

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  • 11:43 7 June 2020
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ANKARA - HDP Women Assemblies will launch a campaign, in which they will raise the struggle on the ground, regarding the attacks targeting the achievements of women.
Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Women's Assembly will raise the struggle on the ground with their new campaign that will be effective during the  whole month. Tha campaign, which will include marches against various issues including labour exploitation, war, isolation, violence, child abuse, gender mainstreaming, poverty, discrimations, racism, nationalism and hate speeches, will launch on Monday, June 8, in Ankara.
HDP Women's Assemblies will raise its objections regarding the "abuse law" on the first week of the campaign on the cities, districts and neighborhoods, in which women experience abuse. HDP Women's Assemblies will make women's voices heard through the Parliamentary Women's Group and the Parlieament's General Assembly.  
The second week of the campaign will be devoted to the new regulation on the "execution law", which allowed many prisoners of ordinary crimes to be released due to COVID-19 pandemic, but excluded political prisoners. Women's Assemblies plan to shout the demands of the women in front of prisons and the court houses.
Trustees will be the main theme of the third week of women's campaign. Women will raise their objection through various demos and events against the appointed trustees for the places of the elected mayors, especially targeting women co-mayors. From village to cillage, women will hit the streets and conduct a fieldwork to strengthen the women's organization and togetherness. 
It was learned that HDP Women's Assemblies will also meet Alevi, Roman and refugee women within the scope of the campaign. Aiming at increasing the women's struggle globally via the international meetings, Women's Assemblies will organize events for women to write their letters to all the members of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe women and MPs in the European Parliament together with the women's organizations in Europe, South America and the Middle East. Women will also organize online meetings with the women spokespeople of the political parties in Europe and creating video contents explaining that the abuse law in Turkey is actually consist of and targeting together with the possible outcomes if it were to be applied.