16:33 editor's pick
Çerkezoğlu: Lives of workers are more valuable than refrigerators
12:56 actual
5 detained in Malazgirt
11:44 actual
Reason of the violations of rights at the border is 'impunity'
11:04 actual
Attorneys of Öcalan applied for a visit in İmralı
11:03 actual
IHD publishes 6-month rights violation report
10:53 actual
From political parties to CPT: Fulfil your duty
10:37 actual
Loss of life due to Covid-19 rises to 5,858
10:12 actual
Application to Constitutional Court for ‘immediate release’ of death-fasting lawyers
14:04 actual
AKP supporter attacks HDP building when rejected by AKP
12:09 actual
26 NGO's calls to the government: Implement İstanbul Convention
12:00 actual
Journalists Kaplan and Mordeniz to be referred to court
11:50 actual
Two police officers lost their lives in Yüksekova
12:17 actual
Garzan Cemetery is burning
11:47 actual
Her name was 'gray listed' after being arrested
11:09 actual
HDK Co-Spokespersons: The key to democracy is to break the isolation
15:56 actual
Turkish fighter jets bomb the countryside of Sulaymaniyah
14:32 actual
Paylan: Government's choices exacerbated the economic crisis
12:44 actual
Families applied to visit İmralı
11:47 actual
3 prisoners starts hunger strike in Elazığ Prison
11:04 actual
Search for Doku started again
09:10 actual
Timtik and Ünsal's request for release is also rejected by the higher court
09:10 actual
Police operation against HDP youth in Adana: 13 detained, Youth Assembly member battered
18:39 actual
Asrın Law Office: CPT report is not enough, the torture system in İmralı must be abandoned
18:38 actual
Journalist investigated for reporting a sexual assault
15:03 actual
Speaking Kurdish banned in a mall in the Kurdish populated city Cizde
15:02 actual
Health Minister denies claims that hospitals hit full capacity due to Covid-19
14:47 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan applied for a visit in İmralı
12:24 actual
Demirtaş: A structure organized in government acting to realize their agenda
11:17 actual
Family of Kurdish-origin soldier file lawsuit after suspicious circumstances of son’s death
11:06 women
Women detained in İstanbul Convention rally released
11:03 actual
Prisoners of Nusaybin case on hunger strike for 7 days
11:00 actual
DFG Association says 98 journalists are currently in prison
09:18 actual
Turkey reports highest new Covid-19 cases in a month
15:56 actual
Water embargo of Turkey continues for 3 months
15:31 actual
Journalist Aksoy passed away
14:38 economy-labor
IMF: Turkey is vulnerable to shocks
12:51 world
State of Emergency in Beirut: At least 100 dead, 4 thousand wounded
12:32 actual
CPT: Restrictions in Imrali are not acceptable
10:24 actual
HDP's alderman detained following a raid on his home
15:21 actual
ATO: The number of daily cases approached one thousand in Ankara
13:38 actual
5.7 magnitude earthquake in Malatya
13:15 women
Êzidî women sold as slaves on parliamentary agenda
12:43 actual
Irish politician and Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume dies
12:36 actual
Soldier opens fire in Çaldıran: 1 person lost his life
11:22 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan applied for an interview in İmralı
11:18 economy-labor
July inflation rate announced
10:43 actual
5 prisoners diagnosed with coronavirus in Tarsus Prison
09:33 actual
Only two Kurdish Language graduate appointed as a teacher
16:40 actual
Pektaş on hunger strike for death fasting lawyers detained
16:37 women
7 women committed suicide in 45 days: We are out of patience