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    Access granted for the film 'Zer'

    Director Kazım Öz who shared some of his films on his digital media platform for cinema lovers, granted access to the film 'Zer' this time.

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    'Devran' written by Demirtaş makes its Debut

    “Devran”, the short story book of imprisoned former HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş, has been staged by Jülide Kural and Ömer Şahin in İstanbul. While the audience have watched the play in applause, they have called for “freedom to Demirtaş”.

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    Hasankeyf Festival held after 3 years of silence

    The festival promoted to commemorate Imam Abdullah was held in Hasankeyf for the first time after 3 years of silence. The festival issued a call to safe the historical site.